Hairbands ala Blair Waldorf!

Bow Hairbands

*as seen in Gossip Girls*

Bows are all the rage this Fall! We have bows on our's so feminine, so girly~ We just love it! These are made of silk!( SO Gorgeous!!).

Very pretty and very comfortable to wear (that's the most important factor, really!) These are made in Korea - the quality is far superior. Headband sits nicely on your head (won't hurt, won't fall off, won't pinch).

*as seen on Blair*

Our Bow is not quite as big but more wearable no?!

Three colours to choose from: Pink, Green, Beige (as below)

Bow Hairband
Length of Bow measures 18cm
RM40 each
(a steal considering the quality, girls!)
Colours available:
Green, Beige
Pink - Sold Out


"What's not to love about belts? This is our first batch but we will be bringing in more - watch for it! These are fashionable, versatile & come in such great colours too! Perks up every outfit! You KNOW you need more than one colour!! = )"

Sash Belt
Sash Belt
"These are great - wear around waist, around hips...endless options, really!"
Length 109cm
Colours: Silver, Blue, Yellow
Buy 2 or more - RM20 each!

Waist Clincher
Waist Clincher
"These are making such a comeback! You can't NOT love them!"
Length 83cm unstretched
Buy 2 or more - RM23 each!

Vote for us, won't ya?? ; P

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