Now, for those days when you feel like wearing a shirt to look more, er, 'dressed up'. Pleats on the front and back make them a little extraordinary. It comes with its own fabric tie but you can use a chunky belt or thin belt to accessorize. Accessories really do change the look of your clothes! = )

Ms Serious

Ms Serious
"A versatile shirt in pretty colors. Nice and airy to wear "
Item No:T7795
Material: Cotton
Free Size (Fits M -small XL)
Armpit to armpit 44cm, Arm band 15cm, Length 67cm
Color: Blue, Neutral

Ms Lacey - SOLD OUT

Ms Lacey
"Very pretty playsuit. For those days when you are too lazy to pair clothes together. Just put this on and you are set! Bring along a cardi if you must but it's great on its own! Comes with chiffon tie belt. Elasticized tube top & waist."
Item No:T7795
Material: Soft as butter Cotton (stretchable)

Free Size (Fits M -small L)
Armpit to armpit 34cm, Waist 37cm, Length from waist to hem 32cm, Full length 71cm

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